High School Senior Portraits 2017, Portland ME

I am catching up a bit on blog posts that I started but didn't finish. Or ones that I meant to post, but didn't have time over the last year. Here is one in a series coming up!

Working with high school seniors is a really wonderful experience. It's so unlike working with small children and adults, both of which I do on a regular basis. A senior is the verge of becoming an adult and yet retains so much innocence while often being wise beyond their years.

Hannah is a violinist. And she is amazing at it. She is planning to go to collage and continue her studies with the violin. While we were together she played so that the shots are not just set up to look like she's playing. She and I both knew that in order to get the genuine feel of what it's like to be a violinist she would have to actually play. 

It was extremely moving to hear. She is clearly following her passion. As someone who has always been very tied to music it was a treat to get to listen to. We talked about our favorite symphonies, about what drives her, about her desires for the future. And soon I will get to meet her sister who plays piano. I can't wait!

I got a glimpse inside who she is at this pivotal time in her life. I got to take portraits of where she is at and what she really loves to do for her and her parents and loved ones to remember as the years pass. I am grateful for the people I meet and what they all teach me. 

In Dreams- Jen