Ep 6 - Michelle on Receiving the Greatest Trust that can be Bestowed

Life plan= Fall in love. Get married. Have a baby.

OR.... Attempt to get pregnant and experience many losses over a long period of time. Try alternatives. For months that drag out and turn into years. 

There are so many children out there that need homes. But adoption is expensive (though this couple did start down that road) and foster parenting with the hope of adoption is daunting at the very least. Or so that is what we are told. But as this story shows a lot of how things play out may depend on your heart. And your actions. And on the way you treat and respect others. 

Listen to Michelle's story for proof of just that. I love a story with a happy ending. And I am so excited to share this uplifting story as the start to our second season of storytelling!

And in her own words she wanted to say this about being part of The Gardenia Project: 

"I left our session not only feeling beautiful, but heard and empowered that maybe someone will listen and not be ashamed of their story maybe someone will be inspired." - Michelle

I hope the same thing, that you will feel inspired by this story. And maybe even share yours. If you are interested go to the Gardenia Project Project Application page (just click on those words to be taken there!)