boudoir fundraiser...jan 8th & 15th 2011

i am now working with sweet light photographers. you can see me and the new website here:

more details to come about that soon. in the meantime...

i would like to give you a little back story on why this idea is so important to me. i have worked with several women who talked about the confidence it gave them to decide to take intimate portraits for their partner. at first they were hesitant and shy, but the more they planned for it and then on the day of the shoot, and finally when i showed them the results….they have all thanked me multiple times for the gift of confidence that they gained.

most women have body issues. as a grown up i have finally learned to be at peace with my body (well, mostly). but i think it is important to feel beautiful. here is our version of giving that to others. i hope you are able to join us. -jen

when: Jan 8th & 15th from 9am - 5 pm

where: studio location in scarborough, maine

phone: (207) 885-9300

Details: 25 minute shoot. All hair and make-up done by Bei Capelli included. Please call to hear more details and reserve your spot.

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