Behind the Scenes Video - New Mama gets a Makeover!

I have wanted to do a behind the scenes video of what a studio glamour session is all about for a long time now. I love that I can show people what really happens when they sign up for a glamour session! But what I really love is Heather.

Heathers story is typical of what, I think, most women go through in some way when they become a mom. Life totally changes when you have a baby. It changes in every way for the better (in my humble opinion)!! But it is still a huge change. Everything is upside down. Getting a shower for the day is a major accomplishment. I love the way that Heather describes that part of her life and how excited she is to get to be a "girl" again for the day! We had such a great time together in the studio. And she has the most infectious laugh!! And it doesn't hurt that Heather is also stunningly beautiful too.

I posted all the portraits from her session in another blog post that can be found here Heather's Glamour Session Blog Post

.Here is the video. Keep your ears open for her fantastic laugh. (:   I hope you call me so I can hear your story and see you in the studio next.

                                                                                              In life and love. - Jen