Blue for miles | Bahamas vacation

Here are some of my favorite images from my trip to the bright blues of the Bahamian Islands. We traveled with another family who are good friends and it was fabulous. I love traveling with friends so that my daughter has kids to play with and I have grown ups to hang with. By the end of the trip Charlie didn't want to sit with me on the plane home = success! Ha. 

We started out at an Air BnB and then went to Atlantis on Paradise Island. We ended up staying at Atlantis longer than we anticipated and it was really magical. They do a lot of work helping endangered species and rebuilding coral reefs. The aquariums are truly amazing there too. Not to mention the waterslides, the gorgeous pools, and the drinks with umbrellas. Not a bad way to vacation!

We did some snorkeling on the days when the surf wasn't too strong. I get why people become addicted to snorkeling. As soon as you are underwater it is so quiet and peaceful. It is wonderful. 

My girl turned the big double digits while we were there too! I can't believe she is 10! How time has flown by. She got to play all day in the water, eat her favorite dinner, sushi, as well as stay up late and watch tv and play video games at the kids club with her friends at the resort. Not a bad way to ring in your first decade on the planet. 

What I love about traveling is how different the world is from where I live. The color of the world there is so punchy and vibrant versus what I see here from day to day. It is reflected in the ocean, the flora and fauna and the paint color of the buildings. And while the culture is so different it is also so comforting to see the similarities. People are people wherever you go. They are kind and friendly. The locals wanted to chat and get to know us, to help us find our way around, and tell us about the history of the island. We took the local bus a couple times and found some wonderful cab drivers too.

And so while I was happy to return home to my beloved Maine, it is cold and gray here. It is lovely to have these images to brighten my days here and remind me of the memories we made together. I hope you enjoy them and they bring a bit of light and color to your day too.