Project 365 | A photo every day this year

Every. Single. Day.

Honestly, that seems pretty daunting even to me. Don't get me wrong, I love getting to look at the world through the lens. I enjoy watching people with my camera. I like the challenge that comes from finding the light and getting the composition that is 'just right'. But doing this every day. In my personal life not my professional work. Even on the days when nothing seems very interesting. When the light is just totally flat wherever I look. When I don't feel inspired or compelled. That is going to be tough, I know it. All the things I listed- have already happened in this first week. 

A photographer friend of mine did this last year. I watched as she posted images over the year and was really inspired by the idea and her photography. I didn't say to myself that I was going to do this. I just woke up after watching her year end video and decided that I should. I watched how her photography had changed over the course of the year. I remembered how when I first started taking photos I would carry my camera with me everywhere I went. Everywhere. How it taught me to see things from a new perspective and shaped the way that I shoot now. How back then I was inspired by all kinds of things that I know I just don't notice anymore. 

So yeah, I just realized it was time to carry the camera with me every day again. To starting seeing things differently again. To be challenged. 

This week in Maine it has been insane cold. Like cold even for us. (: I haven't wanted to be outside as much as usual. That shot with the ocean and the birds, well, I lasted in the wind for about 2 minutes tops. I took a few shots and got back into my car where the engine was still running. Several days I have just shot around and grabbed a shot that worked since nothing was inspiring really, and then the shot of my daughter, Charlie, with her breath steaming up the car...that one got me SO excited and inspired! I saw it in the rearview mirror, pulled over and grabbed 6 frames before driving again to drop her at school. 

Already I can see that some days there will be just recording whats happening around me. And other days will be magic. Just like how real life works. (: 

I hope you will come with me this year. Leave comments. Tell me what you like or didn't like. Or how the angle could be better. Or just follow along. A lot can happen in a year. I watched my friend sell her home, buy a new home, paint it, and move in, all while her daughter grew up in front of the lens. I wonder what this year will bring in my life? 

Here's the first weeks installment. 

In dreams,