Project 365 | Week 3

I knew this would happen, but here we are at week 3 and I am fully embracing that this project is making me realize how quickly the days fly by. I am already excited that it will be a full year of reminders to keep about places we went, people we visited, and adventures we experienced!  

This week was both busy and quiet here in Maine. It was cold and snowy and then warmed way up! We had a playdate and took walks to school and around the neighborhood. The photo on the bed is of Nola and Charlie (my daughter). They have known each other since they were born. Nola is a few years younger though so their friendship has grown more over the last few years. They are both into all things pink and tiny. They spent a long time jumping on the bed and I took many many frames of that and thought those would be in the images I chose from. At the end they flopped onto the bed and started talking. I took two quick frames. When I looked at the end of the day I quickly realized that this was the magical shot. I could see the timelessness of this classic portrait that could be of any two girls in the world playing and talking on the bed. It sums up childhood in America in a great way that really spoke to me. 

On our walk home from school one day Charlie spotted Ollie in the window of Willa Worth's jewelry shop near our home. She stopped and talked to him for a long time. Unbeknownst to me Willa was inside the shop taking this same portrait of Charlie looking in the window. In Willa's shot you can see Charlie's hand pressed against the glass. She posted it on Facebook with a thought about unconditional love. It got a lot of attention. And yes, this is just another moment in day to day life that would be easy enough to see and forget or rush through. Taking the time to slow down and watch Charlie and let her talk to the pup allowed me and Willa both to experience and think about how much love there is in the world. It was a gift for us all. 

The rest are moments from the week that caught my eye. Some days were full of images and others there were just a few. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

Everyday life captured through the lens is fascinating to me. I never tire of seeing how exciting it can be to watch the world through the camera. To slow down and see things differently each day. To take time to let each lesson sink in. Cheers to that!

In dreams - Jen