Snow Queen - An enchanted session

I have so much to say. Always. So many blog posts kicking around in my head. And it seems that there is never enough time to write them. I truly want that to change and must figure out my way to make time for the writing that I desire to do. So here I am catching up on the session I want to share from before the Holidays. 

This session with Charlie (my daughter) and Sage cracked me open. I love my Dream Sessions. They have been a chance for me to get to play with kids. To investigate their personalities. To learn about who they are and what they like. To dance and giggle. To tell create a story in portraits.

When I envisioned this set in my mind I had no idea if it would work. I knew what I wanted was to create a fairytale. My dear friend Pete, who fixes and builds everything for me (I joke with all my friends that everyone needs a Pete in their life!), hiked into the woods, dragged out these trees, drove them to my studio, and built me this set. I then invited a new friend connection who has built all kinds of theatre sets to come in and help me a little. She had great ideas and we kept it simple and clean. 

Then there was the day we shot. These two girls became new best friends instantly. There were several moments as I was shooting that took my breath away. I see my little girl as all these things, silly, sarcastic, witty, funny, serious, and intense. But when I am taking portraits of her she is this other thing entirely. A thing that I can't really describe or grab onto. This magical creature who I have been gifted to hang out with. An old soul looking out at me. 

Sage was no different. With her giant brown eyes. She was hilarious and goofy one moment and then a doe eyed gorgeous powerful little creature to observe the next. I felt so grateful to get to meet Sage. And to get to see how two little girls can suddenly be so close. We, as adults, have learned how to guard ourselves. We have taken on all our experiences and they shape the way we connect with others. But children are still gifted with the innocence that is lovely to watch and capture. The time they spent together for a few hours solidified their friendship completely. It was nothing short of magical. And a bit of inspiration - to open my own heart just a little bit more. 

I have more of these sessions to blog soon!

Do these images inspire you? Do you want to see you child captured in this fairytale world before she is too grown up to play? Call me to set up your session...before the winter scene is gone from the studio. 207-318-0467

In dreams - Jen