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Glamour or Boudoir Mini Sessions - A Valentines Day gift for yourself! or a special someone!

Have you been thinking about doing a session, but been waiting for the right time? I always say "Love who you are. Right now." So here is your chance to just do it and sign up! (: Sessions are a lot of fun, but don't just take my word for it...see the what other clients have said below.

These sessions are for 3 days only and I only have 6 spots! 

You will get your hair and make-up done while sipping champagne. Then 45 minutes of portraits with one outfit change. 

Take a short break and come back to see your portraits that same day!! You can order something just in time for Valentines day too. (: 

 Call today to reserve your time.  

Sessions start at 9:30am and 1:00pm and are only $95+tax. 

And remember from every session fee and product 10% of all profits will go into my new photography fund for women survivors of domestic abuse. 

What others have said about working with me...

From Laura C (who's dancing in the portrait above!)-

Jen turned me into "queen for a day" at our glamour session. What an incredible experience! As a working mom, I rarely get dressed up, and almost never get photo evidence when I do. Jen made the session so much fun - the hair, makeup, the gourmet goodies...and the amazing pictures she took - wow! I am incredibly happy with the photos and have ordered a gorgeous album to pass along to my daughter. My husband also joined us at the end of the session for a few "couples" photos. He was so impressed with Jen as well. We couldn't be happier with the experience and the wonderful photos she captured. Thank you, Jen!

Malina O  (boudoir session) says-

I decided to get my pictures done for my husband for our second year anniversary. 

Doesn't everyone look like their perfect selves in every picture that's ever been taken of them? I mean, none of us have experienced an awful, cringe-worthy picture, right? Oh, wait, silly me; nearly all the pictures I have of myself only my mother could appreciate. Except these. They are me. Me. She left me looking like me, imperfections and beauty all wrapped up in one. They were perfectly 'touched' and 'untouched'. It was important to me to give my husband me, my face, my he sees it, not how I wish it looked. She did this beautifully. I feel beautiful looking at the final pictures. Jen's creativity, time and vision allowed me to have a day I will remember for years to come, give my husband a gift he was excited to receive and embrace my body as strong, beautiful and sexy. Her prices are fair, earned and WORKED for. She is invested in getting you the picture you envision. She takes your time and wishes seriously. 

I will go back to her for sure! I may even make this an every five year gift to myself!! - Malina O.

You can read more reviews on my website

I can't wait to create some beautiful memories and portraits with you.

Love who you are. Right now. - Jen

beautiful girl

my motivation for shooting women's bodies is not simply about making them "look sexy"(don't get me wrong i think that looking sexy has it's place too!), but more about giving them confidence to see themselves as beautiful no matter what age, shape or size. often i shoot with girls who are size 8-14 not 0-4. i love that. most often the women that have come to me are not ones that would normally choose to do this type of shoot and are surprised that they are brave enough to be doing it!

our society sends a lot of messages about beauty. i will not spend the time here to go on the rant that i could, if you live in america and are a woman then you already know all about these issues and how hard it is to fight them. i am an average size girl myself and have fought my whole life to be happy with my body. most girls do the same.

when i became a photographer my passion was really about showing everyone that they were beautiful. everyone. this is simply an extension of that.

and by the way, one of the best parts of these shoots that i have discovered is that when the photos are for the significant other in your life they ALWAYS LOVE them! they think you are gorgeous, i promise. (: