Addison's Dream Session...so very dreamy

Addison walked in and was immediately in control of the studio. She was clear on what she wanted to wear and how she wanted to play and dance. I love seeing a girl her age with such confidence and I hope that it stays with her throughout her life! She was comfortable in her own skin which I respect so much. But then it helps when you are 7 and the world is your oyster. (:

It also helps that mama is also a photographer (an acquaintance of mine) so she is also clearly comfortable posing in front of the camera. She did just what I asked of her and knew how to hold a pose! And that hat was obviously made for her!!

Also I really love the juxtaposition of how grown up a child can look like in that first black and white portrait below and then how a portrait will record such an important milestone like the process of losing your teeth and tell you exactly what stage a child is in. The gift of capturing portraits is not lost on me. I have such joy at working with children and getting them to open up for me. And also in knowing that in even 10 years when Addison is 17 this portrait will mean even more for her mama and for herself when she looks back at it.

                                                                                       Love who you are. Right now. - Jen