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Surprise Proposal at Portland Headlight, Cape Elizabeth, Maine

Surprise Proposal at Portland Headlight, Cape Elizabeth, Maine

Michael called me from Indiana. He said that he and his girlfriend were taking a road trip and he knew he wanted to propose here in Maine. He asked for help figuring out where in the area might be best so, naturally I suggested the Portland Headlight at Ft. Williams in Cape Elizabeth. It's an amazingly beautiful iconic Maine location. One of the top ways to identify the area is the ocean and a lighthouse! 

Chelsea & Kevin, Engagement portraits at Ft. Williams, Cape Elizabeth

It was a fogy day at Fort Williams in Cape Elizabeth, Maine the day that we met for Chelsea and Kevin's engagement session. And it was actually just a few days before the wedding the way it worked out. It gave poor Kevin a taste of what what it's like on wedding day to have someone follow you with a camera. And frankly, that's why I like to have a session with couple ahead of the wedding. It gives them time to get used to having a camera around you and helps you relax in front of the lens.  I think Kevin would rather be drinking scotch than having his portraits taken (which I learned at their wedding), but then I think a lot of people feel that way! And he did a great job of relaxing into the session.

Chelsea and Kevin are a pretty funny couple. As in they have a great sense of humor. He is so sarcastic. Right up my alley. (: I love the connection they have with each other and I think that came through in these images. 

I enjoy working in the fog. I think it gives everything a layer of softness and quiet that I really like. So here are a few favorites from that foggy day. The wedding images will be up soon. And trust me, those are a lot of fun! Let's just say Kevin can dance...

In dreams -Jen

Chebeague Island Maine Engagement Portraits

When Brian called me from DC he explained that his fiance has had a family home on Chebeagaue Island here in Maine for the last 3 generations. The island is home to her. She grew up spending the summers there and they would be getting married on the island as well. They wanted me to come out and take engagement portraits.

I have to say it was a pretty magical place for me. I took the ferry over from Cousins Island in Yarmouth. It was an amazing day. The clouds were dramatic and you could feel summer coming. (Yes, I haven't had a chance to blog these so I am a bit late!) The island has that feel that most islands in Maine do. It calls back to more simple times. Uncomplicated and quiet. There are still flyers for local suppers and concerts, but it feels small and quaint in a way that a bigger city just can't compete with. You wave to everyone as you drive by them. You know everyone. You can see who is adding to the camp. Who is getting married. The new babies born that have grown a bit more every summer. I sort of love that. It's nice to know these places still exist. Where you can just relax and wander around. Leave your door unlocked and take your dogs everywhere.

I can't wait until the wedding next year. I know there will be more of the same. Lots of beauty, quiet, and close family embraced by coastal beauty that only Maine can offer. People come from afar to relax in a way that only Maine has.

I feel so lucky to get to see it all that time. I will also try and channel this when I am under several feet of snow and ice this winter too. (:

engagement session. leigh & patrick.

i was excited when leigh asked me to do her engagement photos. i have known leigh for the last few years. she is a great photographer as well as a sweetheart of a person. i hadn't met patrick until the day of this session. he was 'shy' in front of the camera. hmmm, well we fixed that. (: we had a great time...even though between photos they had to put their coats back on! i don't think you can even tell. love is hot like that. yup.

shootstyle workshop, ogunquit, maine

so i went to this fabulous shootstyle workshop led by michelle turner, an amazing wedding photographer friend. check out the shootstyle site as they are a wonderful group of photographers that have a lot of knowledge to share. michelle was just great too, very open and sincere and just a lot of fun. not to mention her work rocks! i was very excited to get to spend time learning from her.

first off we heard from michelle about her posing styles and then we all went out with our models and took photos in various locations.

we had crazy high winds and it was very cold on the beach. we were all bundled up as photographers, but the poor models were freezing...they toughed it out and allowed us to get some great shots. a big thanks to everyone that was a part of this great day!!

here are a few of my favorites from that afternoon...