glamour session

Kelley gets surprised with a make over portrait session

Malina came to me to do a boudoir session for her husband as a second anniversary gift. I loved working with Malina. She was confident and hilarious and we hit it off right away! Totally the kind of person you want in your friend circle. So when she got in touch and said she had a long time friend that she wanted to gift a glamour session to I was really excited. I knew the woman that she brought would be great to work with as well...and I was right! Kelley had no idea what she was walking into when she left that morning with Malina. She rolled with it though and spent most of the time with the most beautiful smile on her face and/or giggling about something. (As you can see from the portrait below)

I especially love it when friends come in to the studio together. I love getting to know them while they have their hair and makeup done. The conversation flows from kids to coffee and over to our view on the world. It reminds me why I do what I do. Because connecting with people is what life is all about. Talking about who we are and what we believe in. What motivates us and keeps us happy. Getting to witness friends who have known each other forever, can finish each others sentences and still have things to learn about each other is truly a gift. Lucky I am to get to be included in the inner circle of these relationships and to capture them as well. Thank you to both Malina and Kelley for sharing who they are and allowing me to capture their spirit.  

                                                       In life and love - Jen

Strong, Confident, Happy and Beautiful. Woman.

Laura is the kind of woman that I immediately want as a new friend. She is open and honest. She knew her style and yet was open to letting me take the reigns, like when I suggested she put on a floor length black gown and asked her to dance around the room. That was a lot of fun! 

She said she trusted me to know what would work. In the end one of those dancing portraits was the one she had made into a large canvas wall print to hang in her home. I was thrilled since it was one of my favorites from the session as well. You can see it as the first portrait below. 

Laura came to me to document this time in her life. She had just turned 45 and wanted to capture some beautiful portraits before another ten years flew by. Laura wanted to be able to look back and say this is who I am. She is a strong, confident, happy, beautiful woman. I celebrate all those ideas with her. And with every woman. I think every day is a day to stop and celebrate who we work hard to be. Or who we have become. 

I believe that with confidence we gain power. We gain power over who we are and how we act in the world. We have power to say no and the confidence to go after what we want. I see a lot of value in that. And I love it when I can share those things with another woman. I thank Laura for sharing who she is and letting me capture it for her. 

                                                                    Love who you are right now. - Jen

Brown Eyed Beauty- Glamour Session for Courtney

I grew up wanting dark shiny hair and brown eyes. You know because it's the opposite of what I have and it was what my best friend when I was young did have! A serious case of the grass is always greener. Fast forward to being a grown up. I have finally hit the point in my life where I am happy with who I am and the way I look. But I still have real 'wow' moments when I work with someone who has eyes like this. I mean jeez. Totally amazing.

I also really love that Courtney is a bit shy and maybe even not clear yet on how gorgeous she is. Well, I showed her. (:

Glamour Makeover Session for Stephanie

Stephanie is my hair stylist. You can find her most days at

Diva's Hair Studio

 in South Portland, Maine.  She is an incredible hair stylist. I can tell you that I am terribly picky about my curly hair after years of stylists butchering it. (: If you are looking for a new stylist who will truly listen to you (and teach you how to actually get the same style that she does in the salon at home) then call her! 

That aside she is also a beautiful woman both inside and out. Running her own business and raising a a daughter is a lot of work. We laughed about the last time she took time to do something like this for herself. I am so glad she did take the time to do this for herself. Working with her was a lot of fun and well, you can see how she shines. Thank you Stephanie for letting me show you how beautiful you are. 


Glamour Session with Marika & Alisha Skincare

I have been working with Alisha for the last few months on my own skin and really love the attention that she has given to me personally. If you have been looking for an aesthetician to take care of your skin I highly recommend going to see

Marika & Alisha

! They offer hair removal services, facials, body treatments, and brow & lash tinting.

It was excited to get to hang out with both Marika & Alisha together. We did a complete make-over for both of them and then did portraits of them together ( for their website ) and then alone. Here are some of my favorites.

Interested in learning more about a glamour session and what it is about? Get the details here in the

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