off beat bride

fun ideas for a different take on the ordinary...

so you are unique, planning a wedding, and want to show it eh? i have been meeting with brides more and more who want to do things a bit off the beaten path. whether it be motivated by a sense of style or a sense of dedication to help the environment there are so many great ideas floating about the internet. so here are a few ideas that i have run across that i thought were worth sharing.

one is a great site that was given to me by my dear planning, preparing, and craft making bride-to-be amy. she says she got some great tips from the off beat bride
the offbeat bride apparently comes in book form as well. cool.

then there is the queen of diy ms martha. the girl does know how to make pretty. here is a stunning flower...made of paper: paper flowers

and these are truly amazing. i think i might just have to have a few arrangements around the house. i will start making them as soon as i am done blogging. (: paper flowers take two

here is a great tutorial on how to make your own ribbon pearl necklace: pearl necklace

and then there is my favorite thing ever. the birdcage veil. i just adore them. here is deanne in one that she made herself. wow.

but before the photos...not to leave you in the dark about how you might actually make a veil so spectacular here is a tutorial for making a birdcage veil yourself. easy as pie.


once in awhile this cross-processed look just works. i think it does here.