portland maine children's portraits

Mother daughter portraits at Ft. Williams, Cape Elizabeth Maine

When Tiffany called we had a conversation so that I could get to know her a bit. I wanted to know why she wanted portraits of she and her daughter right now. What was special in her life. And, of course, what she wanted for products for her home. 

I found out that Tiffany isn't from Maine, she is from Atlanta, Georgia and really wanted to capture the beauty of Maine. It is so different then where she is from! I also learned about her daughter Jordan and how she was born way too early. How Jordan came into the world at a whopping one pound! She was in the hospital for three months, but you would never know it today. Tiffany thinks of Jordan has her miracle and I can see why. All parents think our children are the most amazing wonder of the world so I can't even imagine what it must have been like for Tiffany when Jordan was born. What a scary time that must have been for Tiffany. Her connection with Jordan was a joy to watch and capture. 

 She choose Ft. Williams in Cape Elizabeth since there are several spots there that she really loves to spend time at. I agree that is a perfect Maine backdrop for portraits. There is the grassy open lawn with the dappled light and a rocky beach that Maine is so known for. The evening was perfect the night that we chose to go out together. 

If you are thinking about portraits make sure you take the action and just call. What matters on a day to day basis are these times. The moments spent just hanging out with our family or children. We spend so much time at work or rushing from one appointment to the next that soon years have gone by. I am always so joyous at being able to savor these memories for my clients. So that they can always look back and remember them fondly. 

I am starting this post with the portrait of her finished wooden keepsake box. These boxes are selling like hotcakes. They have an image printed into the top of the wooden lid and are truly one of a kind. They hold 15 mounted art prints with room left over for you to add your own printed memories. They are beautiful as gifts or to keep to give to your children when they are all grown up. I am making one for my own daughter since she just requested one she loves them so much!

In life and love - Jen 

newborn and children's session in freeport, maine. beautiful babies.

here are just a few of my favorites from the session i did with this wonderful family. they just added kiddo number four. just to make things even for lana they decided to grow another girl. (: so tessa has joined the gang. and a sweet bunch they are. i love watching all the 'big' kids interact with new baby. it's pretty great how into her they are. and how can you not be? especially this one that came in at a whopping 5lbs 13oz. a true peanut. 

nilmdts charity portraits...tobin

here is tobin! i titled this session "when cute gets out of control" and you can see why. (:

i wanted to start showing off the adorables (yup i made that up) that chose to be part of the charity model search here on the blog. you can find his photo and the vote now button online here: vote for tobin!

he is already made his way up to the top 10 pages out of 45 pages of entries. please help he and his family by voting. there are some great prizes awaiting them if they win! they thank you. (:

remember each vote is $1 and raises money for the now i lay me down to sleep foundation. if you would like more information on these sessions or the charity please don't hesitate to get in touch. email me at- jendean@jendeanphoto.com

have a wonderful snow day. (:

the now i lay me down to sleep organization is amazing and so very important. it gives precious memories in the form of photographs to those that have lost a child before they ever leave the hospital. if you have ever known anyone who has lost a newborn baby then you may have some small idea about how important these images will be.

i have a friend who had that unimaginable thing happen to her. i met her several years after the death of her first son who was 3 weeks old. she had a beautiful daughter when i met her and then another son. however every year on the anniversary of his death it opens the wound anew. having my own daughter i can't even fathom what these families endure.

therefore i would like to participate in this years event in the name of garrick and for my friend kim.

i am excited by the fundraiser and hope that we can help raise more than the $44,000 that was raised by all the participating families last year. you can learn more about the details at the charity model foundations website www.charitymodelsearch.org basically you sign up to have beautiful fun photographs of your child (ages 0-18) and then i enter one of the photographs into the competition for you. you can then have friends and family (and anyone you meet on the street for that matter!) sign up and vote. each vote costs $1 and the money goes right to the NILMDTS organization. if your child wins there will be a savings bond and gift cards!!

you can email me at jendean@jendeanphoto for more details or to sign up. i sent this out this morning and have already had people sign up...so don't wait! the deadline for entries is march 16, 2012.

see you cute faces soon....i can't wait!! (:

(if you want more of the nitty gritty see the text below the poster image)


jen dean photography is participating in the Charity Model Search to select America’s Cutest Kid and to raise funds for the non-profit Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep Foundation. (NILMDTS.org)

Is your child America’s Cutest Kid? We’ll give you the opportunity to prove it! The prizewinners will receive a generous savings bond and gift cards!

Model Search Special:

$49 entrance fee includes a 30-minute model session and one image submitted to the international gallery

Finalists will be determined by online votes. Each vote is $1 (no limit on the amount of votes you can cast), and all proceeds from votes benefit Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep (NILMDTS.org).  The top 25 vote receivers will move on to the final judging round to determine the winners.

Grand prize winner and runners up will be determined from the 25 finalists. The winner and runners up are selected by photography experts.

Call 207-318-0467 now to enter your “Cutest Kid” in this exciting contest.

*Contest open to residents of the US. For more information, visit http://www.charitymodelsearch.org.

evy girl, children's portraits maine

i know evy's parents because i took their wedding photos. i know her extended family well because i just had the privilege of being the wedding photographer for her aunt and uncle as well. i feel so lucky to get to stay a part of the lives of the families i get to know as they grow.

and, of course, meeting the sweet wee ones is such fun! (:





i love love this photo