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A bouquet of happy! Portrait session for Anna in Portland Maine

A bouquet of happy! Portrait session for Anna in Portland Maine

I am always amazed by people who are so positive even after having really awful experiences. It would be so easy to take something that was so bad, for so long, and really let it turn you into a negative person. Always expecting the worst from life and people. Anna has clearly decided that will never be the case for her. 

Mother & Daughter Connection

What I see in mother daughter relationships is a connection unlike any other. Then again I think all relationships are their own unique connection. I don't think this one is any more special than another, but I think that all the connections we have as humans are so very important, vital to our ability to thrive and be happy. I have a daughter and I know that nothing will ever compare to the love I have for her. And I am sure other people feel the same about their children be they boys or girls. 

I believe that our happiness is tied to our relationships with people. I have always thought that how we treat others and the level of depth in our relationships often shows how happy we are. Working with people to capture these connections with each other is something I really value. It drives my work. 

I understand the importance of these relationships through the lack of one to my own mother. I am not saying this to garner empathy, but rather to say that I have spent much time thinking about it and seeing how it has shaped my life. I know that I appreciate the people in my life that much more because I grew up without a connection to my own mother. I seek to capture the importance of this love for others and for the future generations of the family that I am working with. I watch how laughter and love shapes our daily lives and gives us something to fall back on when we are stressed or frustrated with the things that life throws at us. The foundation of our lives is our family. Whether that family be by blood or by choice. 

I was adopted by a family 15 years ago and they have given me the same love they give to each other. That post is coming up next. In the meantime here are some of my favorites of this mother and daughter (and some fun portraits we did individually as well). Stephanie is one my stylists for glamour make over sessions. She is an amazingly strong and kind woman that I have grown to love. Her daughter is a reflection of this strength and beauty. I am so glad that I got to capture them together. I am working on some big canvases to hang in the dining room of Stephanie's home. To remind her, on maybe a day when she is feeling down, what joy she has in her life. Because really one of the best things about being alive is the joy and love we share with each other. 

In life and love  - Jen

Kelley gets surprised with a make over portrait session

Malina came to me to do a boudoir session for her husband as a second anniversary gift. I loved working with Malina. She was confident and hilarious and we hit it off right away! Totally the kind of person you want in your friend circle. So when she got in touch and said she had a long time friend that she wanted to gift a glamour session to I was really excited. I knew the woman that she brought would be great to work with as well...and I was right! Kelley had no idea what she was walking into when she left that morning with Malina. She rolled with it though and spent most of the time with the most beautiful smile on her face and/or giggling about something. (As you can see from the portrait below)

I especially love it when friends come in to the studio together. I love getting to know them while they have their hair and makeup done. The conversation flows from kids to coffee and over to our view on the world. It reminds me why I do what I do. Because connecting with people is what life is all about. Talking about who we are and what we believe in. What motivates us and keeps us happy. Getting to witness friends who have known each other forever, can finish each others sentences and still have things to learn about each other is truly a gift. Lucky I am to get to be included in the inner circle of these relationships and to capture them as well. Thank you to both Malina and Kelley for sharing who they are and allowing me to capture their spirit.  

                                                       In life and love - Jen