My Mother's Day Thank You...and a Request

My Mother's Day Thank You...and a Request:

This is the time of year that we ponder our mothers and what they mean to us. For me Mother's Day is about my godmother Catherine and how she has helped shape who I am. For the last almost 20 years she has been my biggest fan and has never wavered in her belief that I can do anything. Catherine is also truly one of the kindest wisest women I have ever known.  Everyone should be so lucky to have a women like her in their life to give them an example to follow.

So this is my thank you to her. I would love to hear your thank you to your mother/mother figure for my blog post on mothers day. Please send me an email with your story and I will share it with the world on the blog very soon.


This past weekend I had a great time photographing a beautiful mother and daughter. I loved watching their interactions together, and am excited to share more photos from their session soon. Keep an eye out here on my blog. (Both Jamie and I think they look SO Hollywood in this shot!) :)

What better gift to give your mother than a wonderful experience, and beautiful heirloom portraits that will forever change the way she sees herself? Call today as sessions fill quickly.  207.318.0467

Custom Photography: The Investment

Custom photography is a unique and highly personalized experience with an amazing outcome- artwork you can cherish for many years to come. Here's why it's worth the investment.

Chain stores bring in lots of people for a short, cookie cutter experience. You, as the client, tend to have very little say in what happens during your short session, and then they move on to the next client.

When you choose an independent photographer, they will take the time to get to know you personally and build the session based on your preferences.

 Doing this requires a lot of time and effort. Your actual photo session may only take an hour or two, but your photographer has probably invested 10-15 hours in you. 

Custom photographers want to focus on quality and not quantity. And they also offer many different custom-designed products. 

You may have been drawn to an independent photographer because of their distinct style and portfolio. These things grow with experience, for example, I have 14 years of experience and education. That is part of your investment when you hire me. 

Lastly, most custom photographers have invested many thousands of dollars in equipment along with being completely insured and yearly continuing education. If you would like to invest in a true custom photographer (or have any questions at all!) feel free to give me a call! 


Glamour Makeover Session for Stephanie

Stephanie is my hair stylist. You can find her most days at

Diva's Hair Studio

 in South Portland, Maine.  She is an incredible hair stylist. I can tell you that I am terribly picky about my curly hair after years of stylists butchering it. (: If you are looking for a new stylist who will truly listen to you (and teach you how to actually get the same style that she does in the salon at home) then call her! 

That aside she is also a beautiful woman both inside and out. Running her own business and raising a a daughter is a lot of work. We laughed about the last time she took time to do something like this for herself. I am so glad she did take the time to do this for herself. Working with her was a lot of fun and well, you can see how she shines. Thank you Stephanie for letting me show you how beautiful you are. 


cape cod, mother & son

i always get to work with great people. a previous client tells a friend of theirs and then they call...thank you emily for passing on my name to susanne. i actually remember meeting susanne at emily's wedding a few years ago. how time flies! anyway, susanne really wanted photos of her two sons on this little beach called 'loop beach' near her parents condo in the cape. so she called...here are the photos that we were able to take of one son since the other was very sick that day. poor thing. we plan on doing a second shoot soon to get the whole family!




can't help myself. wee feet are so great!


and the difference in the size of our hands...another thing to not be forgotten.




i love this sweet gesture that we often see. a mother's hand on her baby's back while he snuggles in close.