The Scoop Deck | Summer Family Portraits in Wells, ME

As I walked today I heard the cicadas calling. The heat has been oppressive this year. And yet, I still love the summer here. I want to be outside even when it feels like I will wilt and melt away.

Summer is coveted in Maine by most everyone. It is our shortest season and therefore quite treasured by the locals and visitors alike. It is the time for dips in the ocean and trips to the ice cream shop down the street. This particular ice cream shop called The Scoop Deck in Wells, ME has been around since 1983...35 years! So my dear client, Elizabeth, who vacationed in the area as a child grew up going here for ice cream. It is one of her favorite places in Maine. What better spot could there be for a whimsical portrait session then this spot full of happy memories?!

I have been taking portraits for this family every year on and off since 2011 when they first hired me for their wedding! (I have a future post in my mind that I am working on of the highlights of the years of family portraits as a retrospective!)

We decided to switch up our traditional meeting spot on the beach in Wells, ME  and do something a bit different. It was super fun to be in this place that meant so much to them. I met Morgan as a teen and now she is married with a new little girl! I have so enjoyed watching this family grow. I love getting to see how the kids have changed over the years and come to be friends with this beautiful family. They shared with me how it has been easier for them to take portraits with me every year since they already know me. They are much more comfortable and relaxed in front of the lens after so many years of us working together. 

We spent our time getting some traditional portraits of the family combinations and then just let Molly run in circles in the grass! Then we did more portraits inside this super fun small store with everyone holding an ice cream, of course! (And I got one too!)

 So here is to another summer of running in the grass, melty ice cream on your face and beautiful moments stopped in time.