Ep 17, Jeannie | What We Celebrate

Jeannie had a regular life, just like all of us, until one day it changed in an instant. Her entire life hung in the balance and no one was sure what would happen. What Jeannie talks about throughout the interview are the small steps she took to put on foot in front of the other. The little things along the way that ended up being huge milestones in her recovery. Small things that were big celebrations!

What she teaches us is to celebrate the small stuff in our lives. The things that seem little, but make a big difference. The daily minutiae that just blends in and we tend not even to notice. That stuff. It IS worth celebrating. It’s worth slowing down and seeing. Because that is where we derive joy.

Jeannie has plenty of joy and positivity. Enough to go around for everyone. She was so fun to interview. We laughed a lot about the things that happened to her in the story. She has a great sense of humor. And I loved that her story serves as an example of the strength of the human spirit as well as a touchstone for celebration. As you will hear, she is just the right person for that. Re-birthday and all!!

A huge thank you to Jennifer Elizabeth Moore of Modern Medicine Lady for sponsoring this episode of The Gardenia Project. She can help you to recover and grow your tools for being an empathic woman in this world. Head over to her website to learn more!

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