The Signature Jen Dean Photography Session.  Day dreams, dark dreams...
Each frame is a whole life, a vision, a dream, and a story.  Are you looking for images that capture forever the emotion and memories of childhood?  Primary school children and tweens are especially open to go where their imagination takes them - it's a magical and fleeting time in life - and often overlooked.  Imagine looking over these images and the dreams they represent to your children as they make the long journey into adulthood - what a gift for your family.  Let's celebrate this time in your child's life.

Dream Sessions Portraits are all about letting your child play, dress up, dance, and be a kid while I capture them in either a studio portrait or on location photography session. These portrait sessions can be done at my Westbrook Maine studio or outside on location in the greater Portland area. 

I get teary eyed every.single.time. I look at the portraits of my daughter. She really captured her personality. Jen does so much more than pretty photos. Her portraits are unique, authentic, and treasured! - Vanessa H, Portland, ME