You are the traveller, I am the road map.

As a client of Jen Dean Photography you get my undivided attention. My magic lies in connecting wit you and capturing beautiful relaxed portraits that you love. The whole process is designed to make the entire portrait experience easy and fun.

1.  Consultation
We can meet at the studio or at your home and start dreaming up ideas for your custom session.  We chat a bit and get to know each other - tell me about your style, your hopes for the session, and we work on the details together.  We will also schedule your session and go over display ideas - this way when the session comes along we are already thinking about beautiful ways to display the artwork.

2.  Session
Relax, have fun, and be 100% confident that you are in good hands and will love all your images.

3.  Presentation
We meet in your home or at my studio and decide on artwork and keepsakes from your images.  We have been chatting ideas since day one - so never any surprises and no cheesy sales techniques - just one of a kind fine art to display in your home and give as gifts.


For Love's Sake

Art is what surrounds you….it can also be what you choose to surround yourself with.  

The poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning was so enamored by early photographs of her children, that she famously uttered "photographs are the very shadow of the person lying there fixed forever…for Love's sake." 

Our goal is seeing a vision to an end result - that being a beautiful creation to hang in your home, hold in your hands, or give as a gift to be cherished forever.  

Let's create something together.  


The 3 Step Process above means that there will never be any surprises, you will never have to purchase anything you don't want or need, and most important you will feel a part of the creative end result every step of the way.  You never  have a minimum order - but most clients spend between $950 and $1950 or more.  

Images that we make together come alive when they are expertly printed and displayed in your home in wall galleries, albums, or gifts. Let's chat today so we start creating together!


What do most people purchase?

Dream & Radiance Sessions are my best sellers - let's chat ideas for your own custom portrait session!

Do we get a USB or disc of images?

You want to share and archive your precious images, and want to create one of a kind artwork for your family.  So you are in luck!  You will receive a copy of each image you order to share away to your heart's content.  However, if quality, archived artwork is not your thing and you are just looking for a disc to print from - you may want to consider hiring someone else. To tell the truth, it's a disservice to clients to hand over digital files  - it's like going to a special restaurant and the chef walking over to your table and plopping the ingredients down on your table for you and saying "you make it."  You will receive in your hands all the wonderful, heirloom quality artwork that I have researched over the years.  ALSO - as a special thank you for being such an awesome client you will receive my gift of a special phone app!  

Do you help us with what to wear?

For all Radiance Sessions - you will have access to to my onsite hair and make up artist that will bring out that special radiance inside of you! But really - you will have help from us every step all along the way, and for our Dream Sessions, your child can go wild and play dress up with our exclusive collection of vintage dresses and accessories.  And for exterior, on location family sessions we have all kinds of images to share for ideas on color coordinating.  You are beautiful already...we just help bring it to light. 

How can we reserve a session date with you?

A $175 deposit is due at our consultation to secure your session time and date.  

How does pricing & ordering work?

You will be guided through the whole process and there is no minimum purchase amount. I do have a few helpful policies in place that seem to work very well - and we will go over all of that in our pre-consult.  The average  client investment seems to be $950 to $1950.  You will enjoy the ordering sessions - they are very non-intimidating and never any cheesy sales gimmicks.  You are guided through some options and you get to decide what works best for you and your family after you see all my options.  But why not put a a small investment toward this artwork that captures your family forever - you are worth it. 

When do we get to see the images?

Depending on the time of year it can range from one to two weeks.  The presentation session will be the only time to view your photos and make purchases, they will not be posted online to review at a later date. You will find this to be the easiest, most convenient way to purchase artwork from your session - it actually makes the process much simpler and easier for you, the client.

How long do you archive our images?

Ordered images are kept on file for one year from session date, and all others are removed from our server after 30 days.

What if we have to reschedule?

It's not a problem - it's part of life.  You may have to reschedule due to illness or badly timed bug bites and sunburns!  You may re-schedule one time for any reason, a second reschedule will require an additional deposit of $175.

Do you offer re-touching/editing of photos?

Every image is hand edited to bring out the best - especially the Radiance Sessions - and any standard retouching is always included - remember these images are for posterity and we want you to look great!