Ingenious Alchemy

A guided journey to help you embrace all the Elements that make you up.

Ingenious Alchemy builds on the experiences I’ve had as a photographer, working with a largely female clientele, and focuses on one central question:

What would happen if we loved ourselves completely, and confidently shared ourselves with the world?

This work isn’t meant to be done quickly.

Safe space takes time. Community takes time. The wall-hitting thought patterns that prevent us from becoming fully visible in our personal and professional lives are years in the making - and it’s very likely you didn’t come to them all on your own.

So why change them alone?

“Your Genius, Visible” is Ingenious Alchemy’s inaugural course offering.

An 8-week deep dive into the Elements that make us up, the thought-patterns that contributed to where we are currently, and the shifts we’ll need to make to get us to where we want to go.

Through a series of live calls, writing prompts, and custom-created worksheets, I’ll guide you in perspective shifts that facilitate a sense of discovery and ownership over the Elements that make you, you. Each week builds on the previous, and the intimate class size will ensure your voice is heard, you are seen, and that you and your Genius are celebrated. Fully.

“Your Genius, Visible” will culminate with a make-over photo session with me. (I couldn’t create a new offering without it including the work that inspired it!) Each Genius will receive a set of gorgeous portraits to use personally and professionally so they can share themselves more fully with the world.