How would my life change if I loved myself, completely?

Take a minute. Take a breath. Ask yourself something:

How would I move differently throughout the day if I loved my body?
What might I create if I believed I could?
What if I could quiet the voices telling me, “You’re not enough.”?
How would my life change if I loved myself, completely?
What if these questions could be explored in a way that made me feel supported, celebrated, and seen?

Your answers are your own.
But I’m here to tell you that they’re very important.
And they are attainable. 


I’m Jen Dean, visual storyteller and memory keeper. In my role as a photographer, I help clients quickly shift their perspectives to find their confidence and enjoy their time in front of the camera – their time to be seen.

But this work isn’t meant to be done quickly. Safe space takes time. Community takes time. These wall-hitting thought patterns are years in the making – and it’s very likely you didn’t come to them all on your own.

So why shift these pattern alone?

“Your Genius, Visible” is Ingenious Alchemy’s inaugural course. An 8-week deep dive into the Elements that make us up, the thought-patterns that contributed to where we are currently, and the shifts we’ll need to make to get us to where we want to go. A course that will teach you to SEE yourself as the amazing person you are and celebrate her daily. The course also includes a full makeover portrait session with me.