RAdiANCE Sessions

                                                           Love who you are. Right Now.

1. a quality of brightness and happiness that can be seen on a person's face.
2. a warm, soft light that shines from something.

I hold safe space for women.

I help them feel comfortable in their container.

I help them gain confidence.

I SEE them.

And the reason that I'm good at it is because I understand what it's like to not feel any of those things myself.

The battles that we fight our whole life as women have affected our ability to sit in front of the lens, to feel powerful, to put ourselves out there. I work hard every day to change that for myself and for others. The tides are turning for women right now. We are taking a stand. Speaking up. Speaking out. Becoming even more powerful. And I love it.

You have a light, you shine.  You never seem to look in portraits the way that you see yourself in the mirror though? I change that. I see who you are inside and out. It's about building trust. A relationship. I invite you to contact me and come experience an entirely different portrait session.  

" It's not an investment in your marketing, it's an investment in your self esteem" - Bambi