Ep. 16, Sarah - No Is a Nice Word

“BE NICE”. That is overwhelmingly the message that girls get their whole lives. You know the old saying “Sugar and spice and everything nice. THAT is what girls are made of”. UGH! I can see now how dreadful that is as a message, but I still feel that pressure every single day. Really, I do. We are just conditioned from the time we are little to not make waves. To be kind and for many in my generation, also obedient. So yeah, it’s a lot to come out from under.

While we are fighting with this ideal that we have been fed throughout our life, there are things that happen along the way that we can look back on and realize we should have said no to. In fact, many of us would say there are a lot of things we should have said no to. From agreeing to go out to dinner, be on a committee, be in a relationship, or move somewhere, there are things every day that we agree to, frankly because we don’t know how to say no.

Sarah tells the story of what happened to her that set into motion a string of events that completely changed her life. All because she just couldn’t find the way to say, No. It is a wild ride and a valuable lesson for anyone who listens on how far things can go without out that one word.

Boundaries are super important and learning how to put them in place is a skill we all need to have. Come listen to the story of a journey that went too far and how she came back. How Sarah learned this lesson the hard way. And what she does now to help kids change the dialog.

Here is a link to the ACES study (The Adverse Childhood Experiences Study — the largest, most important public health study you never heard of ) that Sarah refers to in her story. I took the time to read this and was blown away. The story about the doctor working in an obesity clinic and how he ended up doing this study is totally fascinating. Totally worth your time to read!


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- Jen Dean