Welcome to your photographer in Portland, Maine.

Personal Branding Sessions

You are your brand. You have a unique offering like no one else. You have a story to tell.The story of your business is you. The best portraits are ones that capture your nuances. Your brand is all of you - professional and personal. I help you capture both!

Corporate Headshots

Business head shots can be traditional or outside the box. I cater to your needs while helping you look relaxed and professional.


My family portrait sessions are an experience full of enjoyment and love. Taking the time to get to know your family sets my work apart.

Radiance Sessions

It is said the eyes are the window to the soul. I believe they also reveal what is in your heart. Helping each woman relax into who they truly are is my gift.

Ingenious Alchemy

Ingenious Alchemy builds on the experiences I’ve had as a photographer, working with a largely female clientele, and focuses on one central question:

What would happen if we loved ourselves completely, and confidently shared ourselves with the world?

The Gardenia Project

This podcast and portrait project connects us to each other as a local and as a larger world community by reminding us of our strength in triumphs over adversity.