Personal Branding with Jen Dean Photography 

You are your brand.

You have a unique offering like no one else.

You have a story to tell.

The story of your business is you.

How you got to where you are matters to you and to your client. When your work is your passion, it becomes an extension of yourself. Your business matters and it's how you will make a difference in the world.

You’ve stopped hiding who you are and what you do. You are worth investing in portraits that capture that.

The best portraits are ones that capture your nuances. Your brand is all of you - professional and personal.  Time is a resource. How do you spend it? Client care and cuddling your kids. Strategic plans and piles of laundry. Responding to e-mails and remembering to pour yourself a cup of tea, first. Our day-to-day informs our essence. It’s part of how we hold ourselves. It’s etched in our skin. It's there, for all to see, and you have a choice about how you show it. 

That’s where I come in.


I’m Jen Dean, a photographer of 20 years. I’m also a teacher, a single-mom, a business owner and a lover of cake. I know what it’s like to struggle to get your picture taken - hello, unruly curls! - but I’ve perfected the art of making sure that my clients are comfortable before the camera even comes out.

When you love yourself, you’re fully visible. When you’re fully visible, your clients can find you.

I take the time to truly see my clients. I capture the shot that shows the world who they are. What they do. How they show up for themselves, and for others.  

That's my passion. 

What’s yours?


You are your brand. You have a unique offering like no one else. 
You have a story to tell.

Let's share it. 


Personal Branding Packages are custom created based on YOUR needs! They all include:

  • Phone and in person planning consultation
  • Brand styling and wardrobe guidance
  • Professional hair and make-up for session
  • Choice of portrait session locations (In studio and on location Greater Portland Area)
  • Portrait session tailored to meet your personal/professional requirements
  • Guidance in choosing which images from the session will best serve your brand - you choose the images you need!
  • Image packages custom created, all purchases include digital rights
  • Access to Jen Dean Photography digital social media library - 15 images of your choice
“Thank you, thank you, thank you! Jen is incredibly professional, poised, and a creative powerhouse! I appreciated the hair and make up, champagne and strawberries, and of course the instant comfort I felt in her presence. I am excited to step into my energy healing and coaching brand with my photos! So happy to have found Jen!”
— Jen Cabot, Reiki Master and Coach

“Jen just did the BEST pictures of me I’ve ever had done. They are astoundingly authentic, and REALLY capture the essence of who I am. I’m getting rave reviews on my biz page from them! AND, the whole process of the photo shoot was actually FUN, which is a miracle for me. I can’t imagine ever going to anyone else for my head shots.”
— Britt Bolnick of In Arms Coaching


You can stop stressing that:

"I will never look like those other women in magazines or on Instagram!" They all had the same help you will have now! I have a team of stylists that can help you achieve the look that best reflects you.

"I don’t know how to pose or what to wear." That’s ok! I will show you how to hold your body, and we will figure out what outfits will make you feel most like yourself. I have 20 years of experience in learning how to pose women and help them relax!

"I know I have to do this for my brand, but I am super nervous". Yup, most clients I talk to say the same thing. And I promise you they all end up having FUN! The camera is not the focal point of my shoots. You are. :) If you don’t think that’s empowering now, I promise you, we’ll get you there!

Our process starts before the camera comes out. We spend time together before our photography shoot planning and making sure we are both clear about the details and your goals for the images we'll capture. 

In understanding you and your business, I can make both shine.  


Jen Jen Jen...... thank you so much for your amazing work. What do I love about Jen? Well, for starters, we were barely acquaintances when the branding photo process started, but just a few short weeks later she captured me so perfectly. Not just a few Good photos, but the essence of me. She caught me laughing (which is my normal state of being), with the great big smile and even rolled with it when I said it was too hot out for portraits and decided to play on the beach. This has Been the most thorough and satisfying photo experience of the many I have had in my career. I appreciate all the time and attention to really get to know ME so that the images represent perfectly. Jen is a work of art and so is her photography. ❤️💕
— Kelly Flagg Lifestyle, Portland, ME
Jen is absolutely fantastic. From the moment I inquired on her website to the photo reveal...Jen was there every step of the way. I have never felt so comfortable having my photo taken it (incredible)! I couldn’t choose just one, so I ordered 19 of the photos she took. I’m BEYOND happy with the photos I will forever be a client of Jen’s and would recommend her to anyone. TEN STARS!!
— Bailey Pate of Sold With Bailey