Radiance Sessions

Love who you are. Right Now.

1. a quality of brightness and happiness that can be seen on a person's face.
2. a warm, soft light that shines from something.

I hold safe space for women.

I help them feel comfortable in their container.

I help them gain confidence.

I SEE them.

The reason that I'm good at it is because I understand what it's like to not feel any of those things myself. 

The battles that we fight our whole life as women have affected our ability to sit in front of the lens, to feel powerful, to put ourselves out there. I work hard every day to change that for myself and for others. The tides are turning for women right now. We are taking a stand. Speaking up. Speaking out. Becoming even more powerful. And I love it. 

You never seem to look in portraits the way that you see yourself in the mirror though? I change that. I see who you are inside and out. It's about building trust. A relationship. These sessions are all about letting who you are on the inside shine through.  Then letting me stir in a bit of magic! I help you heal your past relationship to self. To make peace with the container you are in.

I invite you to contact me and come experience an entirely different portrait session.  

Radiance Gallery | Boudoir Gallery

“It’s not an investment in your marketing, it’s an investment in your self-esteem.”
— Bambi Thompson, Coach
“Jen is an angle and lighting genius and creates stunningly beautiful photos.  I have long struggled with being in front of the camera, and Jen held such a safe and sacred space for me to become vulnerable. I’m ever so grateful for her!! And so grateful for these moments that have now been captured with such tenderness...and also incredible skill!”
— Melissa Landers of Niraj Yoga
“I decided to get my pictures done for my husband for our second year anniversary. Doesn’t everyone look like their perfect selves in every picture that’s ever been taken of them? I mean, none of us have experienced an awful, cringe-worthy picture, right? Oh, wait, silly me; nearly all the pictures I have of myself only my mother could appreciate. Except these. They are me. Me. She left me looking like me, imperfections and beauty all wrapped up in one. They were perfectly ‘touched’ and ‘untouched’. It was important to me to give my husband me, my face, my body....as he sees it, not how I wish it looked. She did this beautifully. I feel beautiful looking at the final pictures. Jen’s creativity, time and vision allowed me to have a day I will remember for years to come, give my husband a gift he was excited to receive and embrace my body as strong, beautiful and sexy. Her prices are fair, earned and WORKED for. She is invested in getting you the picture you envision. She takes your time and wishes seriously. I will go back to her for sure! I may even make this an every-five-year gift to myself!”
— Malina O.

My Boudoir Portfolio

Worth every penny!!! From the second I walked into her studio she treated me like a longtime friend. The pampering started instantly (with leisurely hair, makeup, champagne, berries, and music) and I felt myself start to unwind and feel fabulous right away. Jen was well prepared for our shoot, with sample pictures and inspiration ready to go. She was simultaneously efficient and relaxed as we progressed through the shoot and her passion for her art is infectious! What a blast. Jen was extremely accommodating and even offered to take some family shots at the end of my solo shoot. My family all loved her and we will be talking about Jen and that day for the rest of our lives. She made me, in particular, feel like I was a special client yet I know she treats all her clients with the same effervescence and professionalism. She is someone I truly want to spend more time with! Next time I am in Maine, if I can’t find another excuse to hire her, I’m going to take her out for a drink! The portraits themselves are stunning, and I bought so many more than I thought I would want to. She plays with light, mood, and captured expressions I had never before seen in myself. I will treasure them forever!
— Maria H.

I invite you to contact me and come experience an entirely different portrait session.