Ep 19 Elizabeth, Rewriting Your Story (Returning for a mini Episode!)

In Feb of 2017 Elizabeth told her story on this podcast. She was episode number 2. If you haven't had the chance to listen to it then just pause this and go check it out, it is so powerful!  Also you keep listening to this you will hear a spoiler for that episode...you have been warned!

Ok so the recap to remind you is that Elizabeth decided to hike a glacier in Bolivia in 2009. They leave at midnight and it was an intense trip where she talks about the mile deep ravines they could fall into and how they are all tied together way too close so they pull on each other, someone else turned back early on and she stayed and then finally at 4am she gets so dizzy and sick that she needs to go back. The guide unties her rope and stakes her ice pick into the ground on side of the mountain and leaves her there. She ends up staked to that mountain for 4 hours and during that time she isn’t sure if she will live. She talked about how she has lost faith and trust in people from then on and was trying to learn a lesson about standing up for herself in life. 

I asked her to do a follow up mini podcast she said yes, because my story feels so different now then when I told it 2 years ago. 

What she didn't quite understand then was that fear was still crippling her life and holding her back

So today we will hear what happens when we re-write our story. Elizabeth tells us about how she learned that she has the choice of choosing love over fear everyday.

Our stories can be healing if we allow ourselves to see that transformation can happen when we choose to rewrite our own stories and learn from them instead of continuing to let them hold us back. Not an easy task, but something that can change our life for the better!

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