The Gardenia Project


Our unique experiences are the source of our individual beauty. Sharing our experiences strengthens us. We are stronger for understanding each other. 

I designed The Gardenia Project to focus on the incredible beauty each woman possesses. To share the truth that each of us has a story that is uniquely ours, that has created the person we are today, and that our stories – our experiences – are a bond that can offer each of us strength. Let’s hold each other up through the realization that every story is an amazing story, and deserves to be told.

It has been my experience that being photographed is difficult for many women. Regardless of profession, economic status or age, I often detect a sense of emotional nakedness among my clients; that being photographed is a self-indulgence that is somehow not deserved; that a woman feels she is not worthy of being captured on film. That somehow, she is not…enough.

Through the mediums of audio and visual connection I work with women to help them connect to themselves. To see their own beauty. To hear their own voice. For there is an enormous power in seeing and hearing ourselves.

It is how we begin to heal.

If you are interested in being part of this project please feel follow the button below to The Gardenia Project Application. I would love to hear from you. 



Thank you so much for listening and supporting this project! It’s a labor of love, and any contributions help to offset the cost of producing the podcast and the photo session.


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Raves from Listeners

“A must listen! Jen Dean brings the storytelling magic typically reserved for her photography into the podcast realm...and the world is better for it. The women’s stories are both unique and universal. A must listen.”
— Lizzie
“This is worth binge-listening. I downloaded all the episodes and before I knew it I had listened to all of them. These stories are engaging, educational and told with a spirit of hope, forgiveness, and a desire to help others. This show is amazing.”
— Jodi Flynn of Women Taking the Lead
“Usually we never hear the most intense, challenging, and remarkable parts of other women’s lives. Listening to The Gardenia Project opens a special window into the extraordinary secret lives of some brave women. So often people appear to be fine on the outside while in reality they are dealing with some serious $h!t. Jen Dean has a wonderful way of drawing out these hidden stories and giving voice to the struggles and the triumphs her guests go through. This podcast is uplifting and a good shot of courage anytime we need to make our next bold move, to take on the world and/or battle our dragons.”
— Jennifer Elizabeth Moore of Modern Medicine Lady