Generations - A family portrait session

Getting to know families is one of the things I really enjoy as a photographer. Having been to more weddings and taken more family portraits than I can ever count has given me a lot of perspective on family dynamics. The roles that we each play. The choices we make in the way we talk to each other, treat each other, care for one another, these all are part of our daily lives and emotions. I know that no matter what happens in life, in the end our family is still our family. There is truth in the saying that 'we are stuck with them'. For better or worse, it's a fact. 

I am someone who isn't close to my blood relatives (with the exception of two cousins). I have created a friend family that is irreplaceable and that I rely on. I adore them and turn to them often for advice and support. 

During this session as I was taking portraits of the four generations I realized that even though I wasn't very close to my family I would love to have a portrait like this. To see my great grandmother, grandmother, mother and daughter all in the same portrait would be a gift. To see how we looked alike. To remember the details that have faded in my mind. 

I am grateful that I can do this for others. The chance give these women portraits that they will cherish and hand down to their sons and daughters is truly one of the reasons I chose to be a photographer. 

I took some portraits of each of them alone and the kids as they were waiting for hair and make-up to get finished. It was really fun to have everyone in the same room! 

Oh, and that one of all of them making silly faces, Sarah (mom) made that one of the prints she is hanging on her wall. A reminder to not take yourself or your family to seriously...pretty fabulous.(: 

If you have been meaning to get your family together don't hesitate to call me. Time always flies by and life can change in a flash. I cherish the opportunity to meet your family and spend some time getting to know you. 

In Dreams - Jen