Ep 11.2 The Retelling of - Kim, Love Carries You Through

This episode is a re-release, a second telling of this story. When I first released this episode I didn’t have a producer and it ended up being quite long which I think kept some people from listening to it. So I wanted to have my collaborator, Stephanie Cohn listen and produce this episode for me. She did a wonderful job and I love the results that we created together. So here is the story and portraits again.

This story from a dear friend of mine may be hard for any of you that have lost a child. As Kim shares the story of the loss of her baby Garrick, I want to make sure that you have that warning before listening since it is such a delicate subject matter for those of you that have experienced this loss. However, her story is one full of love and laughter. She talks about the things she learned from her son, Garrick. How he taught her to see all the beauty in life and be grateful for it every day. How the love from friends and family really does carry you through. 

Kim still grieves every year and yet manages to be a light for so many. She chooses to see the love all around her despite deep loss. She talks about moving on and the fears that came when she had another child. This in depth look at life after the death of a child is a tribute to how fragile life is and how strong we can be. 

A huge thank you to Jennifer Elizabeth Moore of Modern Medicine Lady for being our sponsor for this episode. Check out her amazing website full of help for empathic women!

I look forward to hearing what you think of this retelling!

  • Jen