Ep 10 Hilary, My Inner Voice of Strength

Happy International Women's Day 2018 my friends!! I am celebrating the amazing women in the world today by releasing another podcast telling the story of a strong woman! 

Today's story is one of sudden trauma, how your life can change in a split second, and how the inner voice in your head can decide a lot about the way we heal. Your entire life is hugely effected and somewhat decided, I think, by your attitude. Sometimes we forget what a huge role that voice can play. This story is a reminder of how powerful it is to keep our inner voice a positive one! 

I look forward to hearing what you think about this, if you had a story like it or know someone who has a story to tell please send them my way. 

Hugs out to all of you amazing women who do the day to day work of making the world a better, happier, brighter place to live!

- Jen