Ep 5 Nora - No Shame, Life after Attempting Suicide

Nora's story is heart breaking and powerful. She suffered a huge loss as a teen and spiraled into darkness that wouldn't lift. It lead her to rock bottom. More than once. She hid her feelings and pretended she was fine for many years. She learned the hard way how hiding and stuffing sadness down doesn't work for her and what she needed to do to change the course of her life. She learned to live. It was a long hard road. 

This is a story that she describes as terrifying to share on the one hand and yet knowing that so many others have experienced the same situations on the other hand. She felt like sharing this would help her lift the weight of hiding it and help others know that it's ok to talk about suicide. I am so grateful to Nora for sharing her story and her truth. For being brave enough to let others know that there is more to her than the hilarious and sweet person that she is. Many of us have more than one side. And more than one story. 

Cheers to this fabulous brave woman for sharing that other side of herself that she kept hidden for so long. If you or someone you know is thinking about suicide please go to the Suicide Prevention Website or call  1-800-273-8255

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- Jen